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About Zagreb

Zagreb may be the capital of Croatia, but many people will oftentimes forgo this beautiful city in favor of the other popular cities of the country. That is a mistake because this city is full of rich history that dates all the way back to Roman times.

Places to see in Zagreb

Zagreb is divided into three sections and people will want to explore them all to see everything that the city has to offer. Upper Town is the thousand-year-old Gornji grad, and this is where visitors will see the Presidential Palace, the Croatian Parliament, and St. Mark's Church. Most of the museums and galleries are also located in this area and people will be able to wander along the cobblestone streets that are lined with gas lamps as they venture from one attraction to the next.

Lower Town couldn't be more different from Upper Town, as it is a 19th-century Donji Grad. This area is full of restaurants, shops, cafes, theaters, and lush green parks. It is the place to go after a long day of exploring the history of the city or to simply explore the newer history of this extraordinary place.

Not too many visitors find themselves venturing into the area of Novi Zagreb, or New Zagreb. This is the modern post-World War II area of the city, and it is full of skyscrapers. There is nothing for tourists in this area, other than a glimpse of numerous tall buildings grouped together in one space.

One of the best ways to experience the life of a local in Zagreb is to visit the Dolac Market. The Dolac Market is an open-air market that sells locally grown produce as well as meat. It is located behind the main square, and hundreds of people go there every single day. Visitors can immerse themselves in the crowds and learn how the locals shop and live their lives. It can be a fantastic experience, and it is quite possible for people to talk to the locals and ask questions to learn even more.

Weather in Zagreb

The weather in Zagreb is as wonderful as the city, and they do experience all four seasons, which makes it even more spectacular. The winters are really cold and slightly dry, while the spring is mild and windy. The summer brings warm temperatures with an abundance of rain, and the fall still sees rain, but the air is much cooler.

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Searching for hotels and accommodation can be confusing. Zagreb is a big city with a large hotel and accommodation selection to choose from and finding the perfect hotel that suits your needs isn't easy.

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