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Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It is a city with an abundance of history and culture. Vienna constantly ranks highly on worlds most live-able city and quality of living rankings.

The palaces are one of the first things people associate with Vienna. There is the Schonbrunn Palace which is the most visited attraction in the city. The palace grounds are where you will find the Tiergarten Schonbrunn which is the world's oldest zoo, it was built in 1752. There is also Belvedere Palace which is now a Museum and Hofburg Palace which is the current residence of the President of Austria.

Vienna has many historic and beautiful buildings. There is St Stephens cathedral which is an important religious building in Vienna. Vienna is also home to the world's oldest Ferris wheel, which is located in Prater, where you'll also find merry-go-rounds, go carts, slides and other attractions as well as cafes and restaurants. If you want to stay in a historic hotel while in Vienna, consider staying at the Austria Classic Hotel Wien or the Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna. The Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna is a historic building built in 1873, located right in the heart of the city.

There are heaps of museums and galleries in Vienna. One trip to Vienna wouldn't be nearly enough to see them all. Some of them include Albertina Museum and Gallery which has art and drawings, including works from Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. There is also the Museum of Art History.

For an attraction that's a bit out of the ordinary, visit the Zentralfriedhof Central Cemetery. The Zentralfriedhof Central Cemetery has over 2.5 million tombs and is the final resting place of some notable figures including Beethoven, Brahms and Strauss.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in Vienna's culture, why not go to a glamorous ball? Vienna holds over 300 a year. There is also the State Opera, or you can visit one of the many Viennese coffee houses. If you want to head out of Vienna for the day, Krimml Falls, Europe's highest waterfalls are not too far away, around Krimml Falls are also a great area for hiking.

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