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Where to stay in Tokyo?

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. It is the home of the Japanese Imperial Family, Japanese government and the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo's energy is fierce and fast. The city's love for technology, fashion and anything extraordinary is unparalleled.  The capital of Japan is a metropolis that boasts and supports one of the biggest economies in the world. Enter the world of the future as your embark on a journey of technological wonder, the weird and the wonderful with a hint of traditional Asian exoticism.

A trip to Tokyo just would not be the same without visiting one of many Japanese High Tech Museums. Toyota's Mega Web Complex situated in Odaiba will wow the geek inside of you with robots, model vehicles, and private tracks. Test drive a variety of Toyota's best vehicles on a 1.3 km test drive. Take the Ecom ride, an elevated electric car that takes you around the complex. Accommodation in Tokyo varies from budget to luxury – however booking early means getting the best hotels for the best price. If you are planning a trip to Tokyo - check out our latest deals closest to the best attractions.

Take a day off the hustle and bustle of Tokyo by visiting the Nezu Museum. The Nezu museum presents the ingrained Japanese culture of Tea Ceremonies. The newly built architecture is exquisite and contemporary and will fascinate any art buff. A permanent collection of Japanese gardens and artworks makes the Nezu Museum a must see. Find Tokyo hotels that offer Japanese style accommodation, such as capsule hotels and hotels with Japanese style ryokan rooms.

Sushi … Do I need to say more? The next on your list should be to taste the best sushi Tokyo has to offer you. Why not have sushi for breakfast at the delicious Sushi Dai. Get there early or you will be waiting until lunch – but lo and behold – it will be worth the wait. The freshest sashimi the sea has to offer, sliced by a master chef with years of experience is the only way you will be able to truly enjoy that Tokyo sushi!

To fully appreciate Tokyo – you need to visit Tokyo. As you stroll through this modern city, take a moment to tell yourself you are still on earth! As you bite into that piece of raw fish – let it linger in your mouth as it may be the best you have ever had. Be comfortable, be safe and be looked after in Tokyo at one of the world-class hotels.

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