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Stockholm is located in the South East of Sweden. It is made up of 14 Islands, 57 bridges, and equal parts water, green space and built environment.

When you arrive in Sweden's capital city, the first thing you might like to do is take in a big gulp of fresh air. Stockholm is a city committed to the environment. One example of this is The Royal National Park which is often described as the green lung of the city.

For more history, you can stroll around the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, one of the best preserved city centers in the world. This is where the city was settled in 1252. You can see many old and beautiful buildings here, including Stockholm Cathedral, Bonde Palace, Tessin Palace, and the Royal Palace which is the residence of the King of Sweden.

If you are visiting Stockholm during summer, take a ferry out to the archipelago which is made up of more than 24,000 islands. You can visit the archipelago during other months, however, many hotels are shut, so make sure to book ahead. Do not fear, though, there is still plenty to do in Stockholm during winter. Lake Malaren, the lake surrounding the islands of Stockholm, freezes over and you can ice skate on it as an alternative way to get around.

A luxury Stockholm hotel option is the Grand Hotel, since 1901 this is where the Nobel Prize Laureates and their families have stayed. Another popular place to stay is Hotel Rival which is located a ten-minute walk away from Gamla Stan.

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