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If you would like to compare Shenzhen Hotels, offer the best options among top hotel brands and budget hotels throughout China's Guangdong Province. Make hotel price comparisons and save money when visiting Shenzhen, China, we can also offer you the best budget hotel deals. offer the best choice for holidaymakers, travelers, business executives, and group bookings.

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About Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a major city in the south of Southern China's Guangdong Province, with a population of 10.47 million and growing. Shenzhen is located in the Pearl River Delta, bordering Hong Kong to the south, Huizhou to the north and northeast and Dongguan to the north and northwest. Shenzhen has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last 30 years, Shenzhen was just a small fishing village called Baoan County, in 1980 the location was renamed and was designated to became home to the first Special Economic Zone in China.

Its rapid growth has seen it become one of China's most important economic centers with business links to the rest of the world. With the massive Port of Shenzhen ranking as the world's fourth-busiest port, Shenzhen also has China's largest land passenger port and Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. Workers come to Shenzhen from almost every part of China, bringing with them their local traditions and cuisines. Visitors are able to sample foods from across the country as well as local dishes.

Places to see in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is also home to several popular tourist attractions including Window of the World, the Safari Park in Nanshan district, the Dameisha Promenade, Xiaomeisha Beach Resort in Yantian district, the Chinese Folk Culture Village and Splendid China. Shenzhen also offers free admission to several public parks including the Lianhuashan Park, Lizhi Park, Wutongshan Park, Lizhi Park and Zhongshan Park.

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Searching for hotels and accommodation can be confusing. Shenzhen is a big city with a large hotel and accommodation selection to choose from and finding the perfect hotel that suits your needs isn't easy.

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At Hotelless, we offer a broad selection of Shenzhen accommodation from leading hotel chains to small boutique hotels and unique apartments. We allow you to compare Shenzhen hotel prices, read customer reviews, book directly online or get personal help from our 24/7 phone agents. Use the hotel search above to learn about your Shenzhen hotel options, check photos and rates at hotels in the Shenzhen CBD and at locations across the entire city. Join the satisfied customers who have found the right hotel. Shenzhen Shenzhen Resorts



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