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About Riga

The city of Riga is more than 800 years old, yet it has managed to blend its medieval roots seamlessly with a new modern feeling. Riga happens to also be the capital of Latvia, which is one of the Baltic states, and it lies on the Gulf of Riga. Due to the city's historic nature, millions of people flock there every year, despite the sometimes cold and snowy weather.

Riga has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so when people are there, they wander along the cobblestone streets as they view some of the best collections of Art Nouveau in the world and soak in the history. One of the most intriguing and delicious places to stop for many people is the Central Market. This market has booths full of sausage, cheeses, smoked fish, black bread, and lots of fruits and vegetables. It is actually considered a foodie's delight and people can be seen making purchases before heading to a local park to enjoy it all.

Things to do in Riga

Of course, not everyone wants to search Central Market for their next meal. No worries there, because there is a large selection of beer pubs, bistros, and cafes to choose from for a delicious meal and a beer or two.

While strolling around Riga, visitors will want to stop inside the new Blackheads House. The original was built back in 1344 as a frat house for the unmarried German merchants of the Blackheads guild. The house was completely destroyed in 1948, but the original blueprints were found shortly afterward. A replica was built just in time to celebrate the city's 800th birthday and it is now open for visitors to explore.

There is never a bad time to visit an extraordinary art museum, which is why the Art Museum Riga Bourse should be on everyone's list. The inside is full of Chinese and Japanese ceramics, but the most intriguing pieces include a painting by Monet and a scaled down version of The Kiss by Rodin.

The Riga Cathedral was built as Catholic cathedral, but it is now considered Evangelical Lutheran. This cathedral was built in 1211 and is one the largest medieval cathedrals in Europe. The building has been added onto over the centuries, and each new section features architecture and style from the time period when it was built. The 6,768 pipe organ that was built in 1884 has gone through a reconstruction as has much of the cathedral. The most interesting part of this cathedral is the old tombstones that line the inside near the altar. The location of those tombs became so popular, that they eventually had to ban anyone else from being buried there.

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Searching for hotels and accommodation can be confusing. Riga is a big city with a large hotel and accommodation selection to choose from and finding the perfect hotel that suits your needs isn't easy.

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