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If you would like to compare Paris hotels, offer the best options among top hotel brands and budget hotels in Paris, France. Make hotel price comparisons and save money when visiting Paris, we can also offer you the best budget hotel deals. offer the best choice for holidaymakers, travelers, business executives, and group bookings.

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About Paris

Paris, the 'City of Light', is the Capital and largest city in France. The Paris metropolitan area has a population of 12 million people, but the actual city of Paris, which is made up of twenty arrondissements and has a population of 2.2 million people. The business center and high-rise development are situated in La Defense which leaves the center of the city unspoiled, with low-rise apartments, wide boulevards, outdoor food markets, trees, and parks. The city is situated on the River Seine which divides Paris into the Left Bank and Right Bank with Ile de la Cite and Ile St. Louis in the middle.

Paris is a major world city both as a business and cultural center. It is said to be the most popular tourist destination in the world with the Eiffel Tower being the instantly recognized symbol of the city. Paris is famous for art galleries, including the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay; churches, the best-loved being Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle and Sacre-Coeur; shopping and fashion houses; night-life and music; and especially, food.

The transport in Paris is excellent, the Metro especially, plus buses and trams, and, it is a very walkable city. There is a wide range of accommodation options in Paris, including some of the most famous hotels in the world.

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Searching for hotels and accommodation can be confusing. Paris is a big city with a large hotel and accommodation selection to choose from and finding the perfect hotel that suits your needs isn't easy.

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At Hotelless, we offer a broad selection of Paris accommodation from leading hotel chains to small boutique hotels and unique apartments. We allow you to compare Paris hotel prices, read customer reviews, book directly online or get personal help from our 24/7 phone agents. Use the hotel search above to learn about your Paris hotel options, check photos and rates at hotels in the Paris CBD and at locations across the entire city. Join the satisfied customers who have found the right hotel. Paris Paris Resorts



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