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Small in size and huge in tourism, this tiny island in the Indian Ocean is everything you could want in a tropical getaway. With white coral sand, blue crystal waters and a friendly locale of legendary proportion, Bali has provided a refuge for exhausted travelers since early the 1930's, when visiting European artists and musicians spread word of the idyllic island.

Though small (you can drive along its whole coastline in a day) Bali offers such a plethora of experiences a 7- day trip promises to jam packed. The stunning tropical jungles and exotic wildlife of Bali are reminiscent of scenes from Indiana Jones. A visit to Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, a rich and luscious stretch of jungle, which is home to three holy temples. Here you can stroll through the Balinese humidity while watched from above by the colony of Balinese Long-tailed Macaques that take residency there. The Ganesha Inn n Ubud is a proud supporter of this Monkey sanctuary and is only a twenty-minute stroll to the park through bright green rice fields.

Heading towards Bali's famous coast is Kuta, boasting what is often regarded as Bali's 'best' beach. Sitting in a prime location is the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel. This is the Bali you see on screensaver images. Deep, clear blue water laps pale white sand, toes peek from the side of a hammock, as you sip a delightful liquid concoction from a halved coconut. This is the indulgent Bali many travel the globe for and that has inspired travelers since the 19th Century. If it's more relaxation you seek, Hotel Padma Bali houses one of the best spas on the island, the Mandara Spa.

Then there is another side to Bali entirely. Amid the soothing flow of the ocean and the cacophony of birdsong, is a nightlife that could put any metropolis to shame. From well-known boozers Kalimantan (formerly Borneo Bob's) and Su's Bar, to stage show venue Legend - where you can see performances as varied as Elvis impersonators, drag queens, and country music - you'll find something to suit your nightlife requirements. Bali is also known for their themed beach parties, from the famous Full Moon Beach Party to a more extreme Body Painting Beach Party. Whether you're after a romantic getaway, want to discover the island's sumptuous religious culture or simply want to sleep in the sunshine under a palm tree, Bali has got you covered.

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