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Over 2.1 million people call Houston home, making it the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city nationwide, behind New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Houston enjoys a thriving economy, with a bustling seaport and prominent industries including energy, transportation, manufacturing and aeronautics, as the city, is the site of NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

The Houston metro area is also home to headquarters for a range of Fortune 500 companies. In fact, only New York is home to more Fortune 500 companies! So if you're traveling to Houston, there's a good chance you're headed out there on business. Annually, over 7 million tourists visit Houston's museum district alone, with many more exploring the city's other offerings, such as the Bayou Place entertainment complex, Old Market Square, the Galleria shopping center and the Downtown Aquarium, among other attractions.

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