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Hong Kong

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About Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong has come a long way from its days as a small fishing village and the 150 years as a  British Colony to the financial and tourism powerhouse it is today. The unique harmony of "East meets West" can be seen in many parts of the city and is what makes Hong Kong a tourist-friendly destination for all.

As you wander in the city of Hong Kong you will most likely notice the many high-rise skyscrapers that surround the majestic Victoria Harbor. By day these buildings play an important role in the growth of the economy, by night they become a light and laser spectacular, officially called the "Symphony of Lights". The best view of this amazing light show can be seen by taking the famous Peak Tram to the peak of Hong Kong.

To truly enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer, finding accommodation close to the main city areas of Tsim Sha Tsui, East Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong is essential. Luckily, Hong Kong provides some of the most hospitable hotels in the industry, from its famous Peninsula Hotel and the Harbour Grand Hong Kong. For the best experience in Hong Kong stay at one of our hotels that offer exquisite City and breathtaking Harbor Views. By booking accommodation close to the city, you can easily access Hong Kong's fast railway system to enjoy all that Hong Kong has to offer. Some of the most visited attractions in Hong Kong include:

Avenue of the StarsA tourist walk on the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade winding around Victoria Harbor with statues and plaques that represent and promote the active Hong Kong film industry.

The PeakAccessible via the famous Peak Tram, it is the highest point in Hong Kong offering a variety of shopping outlets and high-class dining.

Hong Kong DisneylandWhat's there to say? Fun for the whole family! Especially the kids! Why not stay a couple of nights at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel? Book early as they sell out quickly!

Ocean ParkHong Kong's very own ocean theme park!

Macau IslandTake the ferry on a day trip to the island of Macau for some adult fun at The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel or The Crown Towers at the City of Dreams Casino

Shopping -  Hong Kong has duty-free shopping and hence has become a major hub for many of the top brands of the world. For all your shopping needs head to Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay and East Tsim Sha Tsui.

Hong Kong Disney Land HotelThe Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

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Searching for hotels and accommodation can be confusing. Hong Kong is a big city with a large hotel and accommodation selection to choose from and finding the perfect hotel that suits your needs isn't easy.

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At Hotelless, we offer a broad selection of Hong Kong accommodation from leading hotel chains to small boutique hotels and unique apartments. We allow you to compare Hong Kong hotel prices, read customer reviews, book directly online or get personal help from our 24/7 phone agents. Use the hotel search above to learn about your Hong Kong hotel options, check photos and rates at hotels in the Hong Kong CBD and at locations across the entire city. Join the satisfied customers who have found the right hotel.

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As with any business or holiday destination – the quality of accommodation is truly important. Hong Kong caters extremely well from the budget conscious traveler to others looking for a comfortable family or luxurious getaway. We offer a range of room only packages to all-inclusive bed, bar and buffet packages to allow you to rest, relax and be amazed by what the city of  Hong Kong has to offer. If you're ready to get away and experience the city of Hong Kong, simply book your Hong Kong Hotel and start getting excited! Hong Kong Hong Kong Resorts



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