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About Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and the countries economic hub. As well as being the location of Ireland's national parliament and most of the civil service, Dublin is also at the center of culture and the media in the country. Ireland's rail and road transportation network radiates from the city.

Founded by Vikings, the history of the most populous city in Ireland is rich and mystical. Located at the end of the River Laffey, mountains surround the city from north to the south.  The River Laffey has historically created a divide among the north-side working class and the south-side upper class. Experience the Gaelic Games or visit the Glasnevin Cemetery. Why not laugh the night away at the famous comedy crunch? Get ready to drink a pint or two on the house at the Arch Bistro as you dine on the best Irish pub food in town!

Places to see in Dublin

If you're looking for some authentic Dublin fun then the Gaelic Games will have you on the edge! For a single admission, you will be able to view games of Gaelic Football, Gaelic Handball, and Dance. Endure, laugh and play as you hurl the ball at the goalkeeper in a friendly game of Gaelic Handball. If the legs are still strong from the Gaelic experience, take some time to visit the largest non-denominational cemetery in Ireland "The Glasnevin Cemetery" also known as the Prospect Cemetery. With over 1.5 million burials it's a rich historical site with regular tours. The tours will walk you through the famous Irish men and women who have changed the course of the country, a truly culturally satisfying experience. A must for all visitors to Dublin.

Having a laugh is always recommended whether you travelling or not! The Comedy Crunch located at the stairs of the Stags Head – featuring amateur and veteran comedians. Best of all its free.  The comedians are funny, the crowd is pleasing and the drinks and snacks will be flowing all night long. What more could you ask for in a night out in Dublin? If you're still feeling a bit peckish after the Comedy Crunch then make your way to the Arch Bistro for a pint and some real food, you cannot go wrong.

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Searching for hotels and accommodation can be confusing. Dublin is a big city with a large hotel and accommodation selection to choose from and finding the perfect hotel that suits your needs isn't easy.

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At Hotelless, we offer a broad selection of Dublin accommodation from leading hotel chains to small boutique hotels and unique apartments. We allow you to compare Dublin hotel prices, read customer reviews, book directly online or get personal help from our 24/7 phone agents. Use the hotel search above to learn about your Dublin hotel options, check photos and rates at hotels in the Dublin CBD and at locations across the entire city. Join the satisfied customers who have found the right hotel.

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