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Welcome to, if you would like to compare hotels in Australia, offers the best hotel deals from top brands and budget hotels in Australia. Make hotel price comparisons and save money when you book accommodation in Australia, we can also offer you the best cheap hotel deals in Australia. offers the best choice for holidaymakers, travelers, business executives and group bookings.


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The Commonwealth of Australia is an island continent of 7,618,000 square kilometers in the southern hemisphere with a population of almost 23,000,000 people. Australia is divided into six states and two territories with the national capital, Canberra, situated in the landlocked Australian Capital Territory. The other territory is the Northern Territory and the states are New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, and the island state of Tasmania.

Australia covers a variety of regions, desert, tropical rainforest, snowy mountains, and prime agricultural land, with the majority of people living in cities and towns on the coastal fringe. Australia is a highly developed English speaking country with much of the wealth coming from mining, agriculture, and tourism. The climate allows a distinctive outdoor lifestyle with sport and the beach being popular pastimes.

Because of thousands of years of isolation Australia has developed many unique varieties of flora and fauna, two of the best-known being represented on the Australian coat of arms, the kangaroo, and the emu. Overseas visitors often have a photograph taken while cuddling a koala, but this is usually in a special park, as it is not easy to see them in the wild. Australia receives more than 8,000,000 visitors a year. Australia Australia Resorts

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