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About Innsbruck

The spectacular city of Innsbruck can be found in a valley between the massive mountains of Karwendel Alps, Patscherkofel, and Serles. This city is well-known for its winter sports center, and while it has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, it is also where the Paralympics were held twice, and the Youth Olympics were held once.

Since winter sports are so big in Innsbruck, it should be no surprise that the winters are really cold and snowy. The winter season seems to last forever, as spring is almost nonexistent, but the summers bring some hot days on occasion.

One of the first things that everyone must see in the city is Olympia SkiWorld Innsbruck. There are nine different locations, with one hundred and seventy miles of runs, eighty-one railways and lifts, and a 7,710-foot vertical drop. Visitors will be able to ski the same slopes that many famous Olympians competed on during the two Olympics that were held at this location.

The Cathedral of St. James was constructed during the 17th century and the bells and clocks have been ringing and telling time for three centuries now. Visitors will be able to spot this Cathedral from the bronze domes on the outside, but it is the intricately painted ceilings on the inside that will capture their attention the most.

Almost everything is about elevation in Innsbruck, but at Alpenzoo, most people love the animals over the height. This is the highest zoo in Europe and they specialize in caring for creatures that live in the Alps. Visitors can get fairly close to many of the animals, and while the animals are the best feature, most people can't resist a peek of the views from the top of the mountain.

Sometimes it is all about the sparkle, and sparkle is what people will get when they visit the Swarovski Crystal World in Innsbruck. This attraction can be found just outside of the downtown area and it is quite an exhibit that features hundreds, if not thousands, of dazzling gems. The rooms are full of reproductions of artworks by famous artists, however, there are there are two features that stand out the most. The first is a huge glimmering bust that ejects water into a pool. The other is a three hundred thousand karat cut crystal.

There are so many unique attractions in the city of Innsbruck, and while they do cater to winter enthusiasts, people will enjoy visiting at any time of the year. There is always something exciting to do in Innsbruck, Austria, no matter the season, the temperature, or the attraction.

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